Idea Consulting is a qualitative market research agency based in Versoix, near Geneva with a cross cultural approach .

Thanks to our multicultural background we operate directly and personally in Switzerland ( German, French and Italian sides ), Italy and France.

We organize, supervise and analyze multi-country research in Europe, Asia and the US.

We offer a global approach which takes into account both the market and consumer’s economic and social environment. And we help clients understand the local market

About us

The Team

Isabelle Martinelli founded Idea Consulting in 2011.
Isabelle has been working in International Qualitative Research for more than 15 years, formerly based in Milan and Paris.



  • Flexibility and personalization
  • Cross cultural approach
  • Quality and expertise at each step of the process

Methods and tools

Our experience includes

  • Brand evaluation and positioning research
  • Ad, pack, product, mix and concept tests
  • Insights Research